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“Toxic Excess – Income Inequalities and the Fundamental Social Law” by Christopher Schaefer

Income inequality as a cause of many social ills, including high rates of imprisonment and guard labor, the Great Recession of 2008, and control by elites (plutocracy rather than democracy).  How to fix the existing system. (from Large & Briault, eds., Free, Equal and Mutual listed below)

“A New American revolution. Associative Economics and the Future of the Food Movement” by Robert Karp

Identification of national trends in the food movement, what is emerging in 2018, and how to strengthen positive trends. For example, what if the production and price of milk were managed not by a few dominant companies but instead by multi-stakeholder associations in a way that benefits everyone? (from Large & Briault, eds.,  Free, Equal and Mutual listed below)

Books (including related topics)

Large, Martin & Briault, Steve, eds. Free, Equal and Mutual. Gloucestershire, United Kingdom: Hawthorn Press, 2018.

Collection of articles by various authors offering a wide variety of next steps forward toward a more healthy society.  Two of the articles in full are listed above. See Table of Contents, Parts 3 and 4.  (See also the “Social Threefolding” tab which lists articles offering different perspectives on social threefolding.)

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Book Review

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Lakey, George. Viking Economics: How the Scandinavians Got It Right—and How We Can, Too. Brooklyn, New York: Melville House, 2016.

How the widely admired Nordic model developed in societies which had high rates of poverty and inequality.  Precursor to social threefolding in that the model has the same values of freedom, equality, brotherhood, and respect for the land, but the Nordic systems use taxes rather than gifts to support the cultural sector.

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Laloux, Frederic.  Reinventing Organizations – A Guide to Creating Organizations Inspired by the Next Stage of Human Consciousness. Brussels: Nelson Parker, 2014.

Seven colors used to identify organizations based on their management structure, and how these structures have changed as human consciousness has changed.  The bulk of the book focuses on the newest and rarest, teal organizations, whose structure is a major departure from conventional management.

Social threefolding and  Reinventing Organizations come from very different sources yet are quite similar in their underlying message:  human consciousness has evolved and now demands respect for every human being as a unique individual even as each person works to support the greater whole.

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Examples of threefold organizations  Two lists from the Resources section of Steinerian Economics.  The first list refers to organizations that are directly inspired by Steiner’s threefolding ideas.  The second list refers to organizations that are working to some degree in harmony with Steiner’s ideas.

Lamb, Gary and Hearn, Sarah, eds. Steinerian Economics: A Compendium. Hillsdale, New York: Adonis Press, 2014.

Elderberries Threefold Cafe, Los Angeles, CA

Elderberries Threefold Cafe is a small organic, vegan, gluten/soy-free café that strives to nourish the human as a whole. We see our work starting with providing healing, nourishing food and drink, and ending with the creation of a world where every individual is allowed a dignified life truly worthy of the human being! We feel that we must start right now, right here, creating the world we want to see! (from their website homepage)

SEKEM Initiative, Egypt

SEKEM was started in 1977 by Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish, who used biodynamic agriculture to transform infertile dry land to living soil.  Currently 400 farms on 4500 acres are using biodynamic practices for a variety of foods, medicinal plants, and cotton.  SEKEM is a closed-value chain so that conditions can be monitored from the farm to the final consumer, guaranteeing that the environment is not harmed, all 1500 employees receive a fair income and work in proper conditions, and the final product is healthy and of high quality.  The initiative also includes Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development as well as artistic and cultural activities for employees.  SEKEM is described in more detail in Free, Equal and Mutual.

Bayawan City, Philippines

In the Foreword to Free, Equal and Mutual, Nicanor Perlas states that “the most advanced of these efforts in conscious threefolding is taking place in Bayawan City, Negros Oriental, with over 120,000 residents….This initiative is by no means perfect, but it is a very promising beginning.  Already, dozens of mayors of towns and cities have expressed their interest in undertaking societal threefolding processes in order to craft their sustainable integrated area development (SIAD) plans.  The Philippine Development Plan (2017-2022), the official medium-term strategic plan of the entire government, explicitly mentions threefolding and SIAD.”

Large, Martin & Briault, Steve, eds. Free, Equal and Mutual. Gloucestershire, United Kingdom: Hawthorn Press, 2018.

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